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MÜHLE safety razor  R89 Twist closed comb

MÜHLE safety razor R89 Twist closed comb

  • The new MÜHLE safety razor with precision mechanics and highly functional design: The cap of the razor can be released with a simple twist of the small wheel at the end of the handle. The closed comb remains firmly attached to the handle
  • The R89 TWIST will be favoured by all wet shavers who prefer the slightly heavier model and a more gently attuned safety razor
  • L 107 mm
  • Diameter of handle 14 mm
  • weight: 90 g
Head: Closed comb

Time, dedication and skill are values which we devote to every product. MÜHLE is synonymous with consummate products made by experts. The focus is on handcrafted, durable goods developed in-house. Our badger-hair shaving brushes enjoy worldwide renown. We produce razors, shaving kits, care series, soaps and creams with the same dedication to detail: a cultivated product range for the wet shave

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