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Sensitive TÜFF after shave...


Made in Thuringia Germany since 1946 Tüff After Shave has become lead niche choice for the discerning connoisseur
The Green Version is specially formulated from high quality herbal ingredients for those with sensitive skin
Made with plant extracts like chamomile flowers, marigold, and horsetail it inhibits inflammation and promotes the natural protective mechanism of the skin

EPSILON "Blue...


The authentic and traditional aroma of the Barbershop
A tribute to the aromas that accompanied us during childhood: the essence of the extinct traditional Floid Blue
It has an elegant and unmistakable citrus touch, which settles down in the skin with a stimulating freshness and surprising sweetness
Enriched with antiseptics that prevent infections and avoiding pore’s...

RAZOROCK Puros after shave...


Puros is the scent of Premium Cured Cigar Leaf.  The scent is carefully mixed into our popular RazoRock aftershave splash formula, which is all hand made using an old Italian recipe.
The core notes to this scent are tobacco, musk, leather, vanilla, tonka bean and a little hay in the background. If you are a fan of musky tobacco scents, I think you'll love this one


RAZOROCK XXX after shave...


It’s finally here!  RazoRock’s most popular selling Italian shaving soap now has a matching after shave splash
RazoRock XXX After Shaving Splash is inspired by a legendary colonia fragrance from Parma, Italy, that has been worn for decades by royalty, famous actors, celebrities and leaders of the business world
The scent begins with sharp and pungent notes of Sicilian citrus and...

DON DRAPER Blue after shave...


The Don Draper Blue after ahave smells extremely nice, masculine, elegant, powdery and the base notes are labdanum, musk, amber, moss and leather
The middle notes are clary sage, jasmin, vetiver, sandal and cedarwood and the Top notes are bergamot, lavender, peppermint, petitgrain and lemon.
The Don Draper After Shave is really icecold with a high amount of menthol
Made in...



Inferno from The Goodfellas Smile combines the classic properties of an aftershave with the staying power of an Eau de Cologne thanks to a boost of additional fragrance.
Inferno is a smoky fragrance with an olfactory pyramid opening with Saffron and Rose easing in to a Sandalwood, Leather and Cedarwood heart all sat on a sweet base of Patchouli, Amber and Musk
Made in Italy

DON DRAPER Green after...


A traditionally manufactured after shave lotion in the style of US american after shave lotions of the 1930s.
It is deep green coloured, mentholated, with an alluring fragrance going from a powdery sweetness, to a sharp methol mint freshness and finally to woody and spicy notes.
It tones with Glycerin, heals tiny razor nicks with Allantoin and cools with Menthol

STIRLING Gatlinburg after...

€16.12 -25% €12.09

With just a few ingredients, this splash gives you the perfect finishing touch for your shave
Astringent alcohol and soothing witch hazel & aloe combine to leaves your face feeling smooth and moisturized
A blend of Cedarwood, Lavender, Bergamot, Balsam, Lichen, Musk, Black Pepper, Sage, and Cade

This product contains alcohol.  It cannot be sent by air...