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  • THE LEAF unisex berryblue colour safety razor

THE LEAF unisex berryblue colour safety razor

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There is no razor like The Leaf

The innovative pivoting head accepts 1, 2 or 3 safety-razor blades - shaving just like a cartridge razor, without the plastic. Users can customise the aggressiveness of the shave, by determining the amount of blades they use, making the Leaf razor suitable for people with thick or course hair and even sensitive skin

Cast from solid metal for optimal weight and balance, the Leaf Razor delivers a smooth and comfortable shave

As close a shave. As easy a shave. As safe a shave. Except with none of the plastic-waste, and with refills that cost pennies.

Triple-blade efficiency
Pivoting head ease
Magnetic Load Assist
Works with standard safety razor blades
Adjusts to your needs (full-loaded for the closest shave, remove the bottom blade for more sensitive skin)
Your old razor will look and feel like a toy after switching

Welcome to the last razor you'll ever buy

Made in USA


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Notify me when available
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