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TATARA Muramasa adjustable safety razor


This TATARA Muramasa Adjustable Safety Razor is a highly efficient safety razor that allows you to choose between a smoother or more aggressive shave

This intuitive mechanism offers five pre-set levels with the option to adjust between each one. The very mild level-1 configuration is ideal for more sensitive skin or shorter facial hair — perfect if you’re transitioning away from cartridge razors or you prefer a milder shave. If you’re a more experienced shaver or have longer and more coarse facial hair, our top setting has a greater gap and higher blade exposure for an exceptionally close but less forgiving shave

Perfect for both wet shaving beginners and experts

Adapts to your skin and hair

316L stainless Steel

Choose your favourite setting

1 - gap = 0.60mm / exposure = negative 0.17mm

2 - gap = 0.70mm / exposure = negative 0.07mm

3 - gap = 0.75mm / exposure = 0 mm

4 - gap = 0.80mm / exposure = positive 0.07mm

5 - gap = 0.90mm / exposure = positive 0.17mm

Made in Portugal

Head: Adjustable

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