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TATARA Masamune Nodachi dark open comb safety razor


The TATARA Masamune DE safety Razor is a sophisticated, smooth, efficient and high-performance safety razor

The Masamune Nodachi Razor is an update from the Masamune Razor.

Like the original Nodachi katanas, it is longer and the blade feeling is amplified

All in favour of a closer and sharper shaving experience.

Nodachi is for more experienced users who like a more efficient shave

The Masamune series is in all aspects focused on simplicity and minimalism.
It features a simple and classic 3 pieces assembly design that will never get old or compromised
Machined from solid 100% high-grade stainless steel, this razor is crafted to ensure maximum performance and longevity

You can use the weight of the stainless steel to your advantage and allow the razor to effortlessly glide across your skin as you slowly work around your face and carefully become familiar with every little detail


Specially designed for the Masamune Razor and one of the exclusive specifications. It is responsible for:
- High perpendicularity between handle and razor head which permits better precision during the shaving:
- Symmetrical load distribution on the threads preventing excessive wear and increasing resistance

The black PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is a thin film coating process with a high adherence applied through a vacuum deposition process of highly ionised plasma in a PVD machine at high temperatures. Above all, this allows to obtain coatings of high purity, chemically inert and biocompatible.

Blade gap: 0,90mm

Weight: 113g

Made in Portugal

Head: Open comb

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