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  • MÜHLE stainless steel, open comb R41 Grande safety razor

MÜHLE stainless steel, open comb R41 Grande safety razor R41GS

It is only his tenth birthday and yet he is a legend: The R 41
The serration is rather wide in comparison. In addition, the blade is positioned flat. Both make for a distinctly close and lasting wet shave, for which you should have a firm grip on the classic safety razor
For its anniversary, the R 41 also comes in stainless steel
It simply feels good in the hand because - as the GRANDE version - it has a slightly longer, more voluminous handle and a few grams more. The fine chasing also provides the right grip. Ready to go? The polished stainless steel ensures the usual shiny appearance of the legendary R 41
This razor with cult status is particularly suitable for men with a relatively thick, strong beard
Weight: 113 g

Head: Open comb

Time, dedication and skill are values which we devote to every product. MÜHLE is synonymous with consummate products made by experts. The focus is on handcrafted, durable goods developed in-house. Our badger-hair shaving brushes enjoy worldwide renown. We produce razors, shaving kits, care series, soaps and creams with the same dedication to detail: a cultivated product range for the wet shave.

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