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PHOENIX ARTISAN ACCOUTREMENTS Diver Down after shave cologne 100ml


Diver Down is a attempt at a true homage to the iconic, Original Seaforth Spiced! Aftershave, and it's pretty spot on I must say! Though I can actually hear some of you now, "Seaforth?"-- which actually will prove the point I want to make but first...

A deceptively simple looking recipe, yet I assure you, it's an epic, heady blend of spiced rum, myrrh, Jerusalem Pine, a splash of lavender and a dash of cinnamon. Not a true bay rum by far but it definitely shares some DNA

Made in USA


This product contains alcohol.  It cannot be sent by air freight.
Not available for: United States of America, Canada, South America, Russia, Ukraine, Africa and Asia
If you are an international customer of there, this item will be refunded and will not be shipped

Type after: Lotion

INCI: alcohol, spikenard hydrosol, essential oils, fragrance & essential oils, glycerin, aloe vera, liquid silk (non-animal source), jerusalem pine resin

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