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STANDO Svarog Slava handle double edge safety razor

STANDO Svarog Slava handle double edge safety razor


Stando Svarog is a CC type razor, it is made of steel

The design is based on the shape of Chors razor, the only change is its  shaving characteristics, designed is such a way that it gives  a bit milder shave than Chors razor.

The razor gives a very accurate shave, doesn’t cause skin irritation, its blade exposition allows a safe shave for any kind of skin

As far as the feel the razor is medium aggressive, you can feel the blade on the skin, still it is effective and intuitive.

All the elements of the razors are made on CNC milling machine

Final finishing works and satining are done manually

Handle diameter: 12mm

Handle length: 95mm

Blade gap 1,10

Material: stainless steel , type AISI316L

Neutral exposition

Made in Poland

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