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  • GREEN CULT 1.1 safety razor blade guard silver colour

    €5.70 -25% €4.28

    Green Cult safety razor blade guarda made of PLA (corn starch) by 3D printing*

    At 4mm thick, it's stronger than conventional heads and completely plastic free!

    Specially designed for the GREEN CULT 1.1 model

    Made on a 3D printer with green energy in Vorarlberg. So it can sometimes create minimal "blemishes" on the surface, meaning small holes/scratches can appear on the case, which in no way affect the function, but are visually present

    Made in Voralberg

  • Base Plate IV for GREENCULT GC2.0 safety razor


    Gap: 1.05mm

    Exposure: 0.20mm

    The IV plate is thorough, direct, very sustainable, and brilliant for someone with a 5 day beard and experience, but not for beginners

    Made of 303 stainless steel

    100% Made in Austria

  • Base Plate III for GREENCULT GC2.0 safety razor


    Gap: 0.85mm

    Exposure: 0.15mm

    Advised for advanced users, three-day beard

    Made of 303 stainless steel

    Made in Austria

  • GREEN CULT 1.1 stainless steel silver colour closed comb safety razor


    This safety razor is high quality zero waste safety razor with a closed comb - developed and 100% produced in Vorarlberg, Austria

    GC1 safety razor is a unisex razor and has a slightly longer handle than the standard models on the market for a better grip - even with soapy hands, the razor does not slip out of your hands

    The material: 100% 303 stainless steel: The surface is corrosion-resistant, particularly durable and has a precious, elegant look.

    Coating: DLC

    Blade Gap: 0,65mm

    Blade Exposure: 0,10mm

    Head Length: 43mm

    Head Width: 25mm

    Head Height: 8mm

    Total weight: 120g

    Handle length: 100mm

    Made in Austria

  • GREEN CULT 2.0 stainless steel closed comb safety razor


    The Greencult razor GC2.0 model is the successor of all-rounder model GC1.1. modell

    Shorter handle, new design, different base plates and blasted finish

    The razor is made of 303 stainless steel and fresed CNC   in Austria

    What makes the GC2.0 special:

    Functional design: non-slip grooves + short handle

    Hidden blade ends: A razor head where the razor blade does not protrude from the side - no more unnecessary cutting!

    Glass bead blasted finish: this brings out a velvety uniform surface. Our finish cannot be described as "matte" as it has a brilliant sheen

    Furthermore, the abrasive compacts the surface and brings a pleasant feel. The grain size of the abrasive is in the 0.001 mm range

    Blade Gap: 0,65mm

    Blade Exposure: 0,10mm

    Total weight: 126g

    Handle length: 90mm

    Made in Austria