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Mango para maquinilla de afeitar STORK Darwin Titanium 90mm

132,24 €

Mango para maquinilla de afeitar artesanalmante realizado en acero titanio A1 en Bielorrusia
Reune elegancia y precisión donde la máxima calidad es la prioridad para el fabricante
Mango compatible con la mayoría de los cabezales doble hoja: Above the Tie, Mongoose Razors, Edwin Jagger, Feather AS-D2, Gillette Razors, Ikon, Merkur, Wolfman, Maggard Razors, Muhle, Parker,  BBS-1, Rocnel, Rockwell, B&R Razors, Barbaros Razors, RazoRock Razors, Parker, Weber Razors
Longitud: 90 mm
Diámetro: 14 mm
Peso: 49g
Acabado: espejo



Poor Man's Darwin Deluxe

I have been wanting one of these handles for the longest time and after hounding the folks at Stork for a few months asking when they were going to be released, they let me know that YouShave was going to be their seller. It took about two weeks for it to arrive from Spain to New York (with free shipping!!!). It is a really nice handle- feels nice in the hand and the specs seem to be close or identical to the original. I have a SS O/C scalloped head that I bought on AliExpress and it is my favorite new rig!